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If you're looking for a skilled hairstylist who can bring out the best in your hair and make you feel fabulous, Jennifer is the one to trust.

Born and raised in this vibrant city, she has a deep connection to the community and its diverse culture. Jennifer's journey into the world of hairstyling was rather serendipitous. She confesses to being a wandering soul, unsure of her career path. However, her interest in hair color and styling was evident from an early age, as she would often experiment with her own hair. It was her mother who recognized this talent and encouraged her to pursue a career as a hairstylist.


At the age of 25, Jennifer took the leap and enrolled in cosmetology school at Paul Mitchell. Graduating in 2017, she honed her skills and acquired valuable knowledge about haircare and styling techniques. Jennifer's dedication to her craft led to further education and certifications, including certificates with Bellami, Habit Hand Tied and Brazilian Blowout treatments.

Jennifer’s craft focuses on creating natural-looking extensions, delivering stunning sun-kissed balayage, and crafting beautiful custom color for her clients.

As a hairstylist, Jennifer finds immense joy in the creative freedom that comes with her profession. She takes pride in not only transforming her clients' hair but also boosting their confidence and self-esteem. For her, it's a rewarding experience to witness her clients leaving the salon feeling empowered and beautiful.


Beyond her career, Jennifer loves to indulge in her interests during her free time. Traveling tops her list, as she enjoys exploring new places and experiencing different cuisines. However, she also finds comfort in spending quiet moments at home with her fur-baby, Grizzly.

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