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Few companies are as synonymous with the beauty industry than Redken. According to Redken’s website, “Our founder Paula Kent revolutionized the professional Haircare industry for both stylists and clients. Her dedication to science and her pioneering spirit helped make the brand what it is today. Paula Kent started Redken in 1960 with Jehri Redding, a chemist who developed low-ph products for her sensitive hair.”


Prism Salon is dedicated to using the best products in the industry when it comes to our services, and that’s why we trust Redken. We also offer these products in our online store.



Kérastase is a brand that has revolutionized the world of hair care products by combining deep industry knowledge and expertise to create exceptional solutions for both salon professionals and at-home consumers. With a care-first philosophy, they collaborate with top hairdressers to offer comprehensive hair care solutions.


They embrace diverse interpretations of beauty and believes in enhancing all types of beauty, cultures, visions, and hair types.

Their approach to hair care centers around creating iconic products infused with rare and highly concentrated ingredients that penetrate deep into the hair fibers, promoting healing from the inside out. The result is hair that is not only beautiful but also resilient, strong, and deeply healthy. They prioritize precision in their diagnosis, working closely with hairdressers to develop unique, personalized haircare solutions. Kérastase's commitment to offering multiple care combinations for custom-designed treatments ensures instant and long-lasting hair transformations, all while fostering a community of hairdressers dedicated to caring for your hair so you can express your true self confidently.


In Esperanto, Amika means friend, and this brand is here to support every type, texture, and style of hair. According to their website, “Amika was kind + clean before it was a thing. The products contain no nasties, meaning they are highly effective, clean formulas without sulfates, para-bens aluminum starch and over 1,300 questionable ingredients.


Amika is  cruelty free, leaping bunny and vegan certified.* The products and ingredients never have, and never will be tested on animals. Amika is committed to greener hair care with 100% recyclable packaging. The bottles are made with 90%+ post consumer recycled plastics to reduce virgin plastic production. Amika also gives back! A good hair day means more when you are fighting cancer, and they  proudly support HairToStay.


Every Amika bottle is full of super stuff. They hunted down one of the most potent natural ingredients on the planet, sea buckthorn. this “superfruit” is one of the few plant sources of the fatty-acid omega 7 (typically found in fish oil) making it the ultimate holy grail ingredient for healthy hair and scalp.”



Ouidad was founded in 1984 and is the leading expert on curly hair in the beauty industry. According to their website, “The Ouidad philosophy knows your hair inside and out, ensuring that your hair — with its unique curl pattern and distinctive style — stays hydrated, healthy, and happy.


The formulas use the most sophisticated ingredients and combine decades of experience with the latest in scientific breakthroughs. Ouidad uses only the deepest moisturizers and most nourishing botanicals to strengthen every strand from the inside out. Over time, you’ll see that your curly hair doesn’t just look better — it will also be softer, stronger, and healthier.


Ouidad believes that curls are beautiful, brilliant, and brave. They are committed to letting curls be curls.”


Brazilian blowout is leading the way in smooth, sleek, frizz-free hair with their signature products. According to their website, “Brazilian Blowout Original is a world-famous smoothing treatment that eliminates frizz, improves hair health and cuts styling time for up to 12 weeks. Through the use of breakthrough bonding technologies, these customizable smoothing treatments actually improve the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle.”


Prism Salon is proud to offer Brazilian Blowout services as well as signature products for our clients in our salon and online.



X-Fusion by Toppik is a break-through product that instantly thickens hair. According to their website, “XFusion Keratin Hair Fibers are made from all-natural keratin protein that bind with existing hair to instantly make hair look thicker and fuller.


Keratin Hair Fibers are able to intertwine with existing hair because of their innate static charge, which creates a magnetic effect between the Hair Fibers and your hair. XFusion Keratin Hair Fibers resist wind, rain, and perspiration, are completely undetectable, and remove easily with shampoo.


XFusion’s Keratin Fibers are derived from a natural wool source that is nearly identical to human hair. They have the ideal natural static charge to help keep the Fibers in place and also contain tiny ridges that mimic human hair. These elements are what allow the Fibers to blend undetectably with your existing hair and look completely natural, even up close.”

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