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Meet Cady, a Houston native with a committed passion for the beauty industry.


After graduating high school, Cady's journey led her to the captivating realm of hairstyling through her enrollment at Paul Mitchell the school, where she proudly obtained her license in 2015.


Cady's journey as a hairstylist was born from an enduring passion that took root in her early years. From the very beginning, she had a deep desire to craft beautiful hair and carve out a career in the realm of hairstyling. What ignited this was the captivating and ever-evolving hair trends she encountered in movies and magazines during her formative years. The constant transformation and innovation in the world of hair artistry not only intrigued her but served as a wellspring of inspiration. Cady's own experimentation with different hairstyles further fueled her motivation , as she yearned to translate her creativity and love for all things hair into a fulfilling and dynamic career. 


Her expertise has been meticulously honed through intensive training in Brazilian Blowout services and the cutting-edge techniques of Toni and Guy. Cady is wholeheartedly dedicated to keeping pace with the latest trends and innovations in the world of hair. Her true passion lies in crafting exquisite special event styles and updos. In the future, she aspires to specialize in the art of lived-in color and expert lightening services, areas she finds exceptionally rewarding.


What sets Cady apart as a hairstylist is the remarkable bond she forges with her clients. They entrust her to bring their hair dreams to life, and the radiant smiles that grace their faces after a transformative session serve as her greatest inspiration.


Beyond her professional life, Cady enjoys immersing herself in the world of science fiction literature, embarking on thrilling treasure hunts at estate sales, and uncovering hidden gems while exploring local boutiques and restaurants in the area. With Cady, you're not just booking an appointment, you're embarking on a journey of beauty, transformation, and connection.

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